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Doesn't this scarf just make my outfit?

Spent the weekend in Rhinebeck, NY at the Wool & Sheep Festival. Don't ask me why. Not quite sure myself except that I've never been to any part of NY other than NYC so it seemed a good opportunity to see some of the countryside. Rhinebeck is beautiful -- quaint little village although on cloudy, rainy days it's a bit Stephen Kingish. There were sooooo many people, you could barely move through the exhibits. And the people -- hmmmm, all I can say is I don't think they get out much and they must not sell hair color in the state of NY. But, the sheep were really cool.

 I think she left the curling solution on a little too long???


Does this coat make my butt look big????

It's a totally French thing. Only the chicest of the chic can wear this.

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